aubrey tran
I recently went to Diana, referred by one of my friends that used to get lashed by her, and hands down had such an a great experience. Lash extensions: Holding on so well. I’ve been to so many other places where they fall off even on the same day, it’s been a few days and not a single lash has fallen (at least none I noticed). Exactly the look I wanted, wispy, long and just a little bit of volume. Diana: So sweet, friendly and welcoming. You can tell she really cares about her craft. She asked so many questions to get down to what I wanted and even after the service to make sure I really liked them and that if I didn’t, we could work towards that. Thank you Diana!
L C.
Diana brought me into the world of lash extensions. She is extremely talented and ever so patient. From the beginning, she listened to what I was looking for, offered input and through all the changes helped me find the look I wanted. I always left with exactly what I asked for. I also have to note my lash retention is THE BEST. Her skills are unparalleled. You will not be disappointed, and you'll never want to go anywhere else.
D H.
Diana is the best lash artist that I have ever had! I have been getting lash extensions here and there for the last ten years for special occasions. When I finally met Diana I stayed with her and could not imagine missing an appointment! My lashes looked so natural and stayed on really well between appointments. I am not gentle with my lashes and often active (sweating!), but they hold up all the time!